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We use a holistic approach to help those suffering from acute or chronic neck, back, shoulder, and knee pain.

At San Diego Sports Acupuncture, we see a wide range of athletes, from overworked engineers stuck at a desk all day to Olympic competitors and world record holders. Our patients have a variety of injuries, some acute and others are many years old.

We treat all injuries, acute or chronic, located anywhere in the body. Common ailments include knee, back, and shoulder pain.

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We have been in private practice for over a decade and have seen just about everything. Don’t take our word for it, see why our patients recommend San Diego Sports Acupuncture!

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In Chinese Medicine, injuries are broadly categorized as either “cold” type or “hot” type. A recently sprained ankle is a good example of a hot type injury. It is red, swollen, hot to the touch, and very tender upon palpation. In general, hot type injuries are acute.

By contrast, Osteoarthritis is a cold type injury. It feels better when heat is applied and worse in cold weather, there is no obvious redness or swelling, it feels better with massage or pressure. In general, cold type injuries are chronic.

San Diego Sports Acupuncture is well equipped to treat any form of hot or cold type injury.

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