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Whether you are a professional athlete or suffer from chronic pain, San Diego Sports Acupuncture can help. We combine Western and Eastern therapies to provide specialized treatments that solve chronic and acute injuries. Contact us today to learn how our patients perform better, recover faster, and avoid injury.

Specialized Training for Sports Medicine Treatments

At San Diego Sports Acupuncture, we provide specialized treatments to our clients. We have experience working to solve chronic issues – such as neck, shoulder, and lower back pain – and creating advanced programs for specific, acute injuries.

  • Sports Medicine Acupuncture®

  • Electrostimulation (E-Stim)

  • PNF Stretching

  • Soft Tissue Release

  • Postural Corrective Exercises

  • Rehabilitative Exercises

  • Cupping, Gua Sha, Heat Therapy

  • Kinesiotaping

  • Chinese Herbal Medicine

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Common Injuries Treated

At San Diego Sports Acupuncture, we see a wide range of athletes, from overworked engineers stuck at a desk all day to Olympic competitors and world record holders.

Common Injuries That We Treat:

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At San Diego Sports Acupuncture we bring passion and knowledge to treatment of chronic and acute injuries.

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